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Join the journey

Thank you for your interest in working for Herefordshire Council. We’ve headed this campaign 'join the journey' as we think that really captures how things are here. It’s a journey of improvement in how we work with children and families, a journey of development for the people who work here and a supporting children and young people not just keeping them safe but to give them a great start in life. It is a journey to excellence in practice.

Over the last twelve months, since our Ofsted inspection in June 2018, we’ve made huge strides. This was borne out by a visit from Ofsted in February when they said “actions taken by senior leaders have improved the overall stability of the social care workforce, increased much needed management capacity and reduced overall social work caseloads across the service”.

We have also been recognised for the work we are doing with those children with high needs – ranked second in England in a recent survey.

Our commitment to you includes our innovative ‘individual learning account’ which gives you access to development that meets your personal needs alongside the CPD programme.

And the journey continues…

  • Our staff tell us they really value the small teams they work in and the knowledge and experience of our team managers and heads of service.
  • We have invested to increase the range of early help available and are working with partners to improve preventative and early intervention service.
  • We have rolled out a new app, OTTER, to all our staff that reduces the amount of time they spend writing up notes from visits.
  • We will be implementing signs of safety over the next year as we seek to improve the quality and consistency of practice.

Elsewhere you will find information about the county of Herefordshire as a place to live – it’s stunningly beautiful and boasts internationally renowned festivals and entertainment. But for me I particularly love the positive approach that all colleagues take to their work and working with others. There’s a real appetite and commitment to improving our practice and supporting each other in doing so. This is backed up strongly by our chief executive and our council members. They all have a demonstrable desire to fundamentally change what takes place in Herefordshire for children and young people and they value and recognise the staff that play such a crucial role in this.

And finally, I’m proud to say that people who come here consistently comment on the warm welcome they receive we hope you will want to find out more and I look forward to meeting you in person if you are successful in joining us in the journey we are on.