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Interim Consultancy


Sally Rowe

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Consultant – A person who gives professional or expert advice.

With the high standards demanded by Ofsted and CQC combined with a director's own determination to continually improve the services they manage, you can understand how beneficial it would be to have a business partner whom you can rely on and discuss your recruitment options with in confidence.

We're convinced that with our accomplished network of associates, some of whom are the most dedicated and talented in the UK, we'll be able to support your consultancy or project management needs.

Throughout their careers our associates have held some of the most senior roles across the social care sectors including, CEOs, directors, government advisors and board members. With this level of experience, Hampton’s believe that no matter how challenging the assignment, our team will be able to deliver a positive outcome for you.

Our Consultancy Services 

Some examples of the consultancy services Hampton’s offer are:

  • Policy & Procedure Review.
  • Service Redesign & Implementation.
  • Service Reviews - Children’s or Adult Services.
  • Leadership Coaching & Mentoring.
  • Pre & Post Inspection Support.
  • External Case File Audit Teams.
  • Diagnostic Services.
  • Service Improvement / Change Management.

Why Recruit an Interim Consultant?

An interim consultant has the ability to look at things differently from an interim manager. They tend to recommend a number of options or alternatives and leave the client to decide on the best course of action.

Interim consultants are often more theoretical in their approach and techniques and can be less operational than an interim manager. They can however be more expensive than an interim manager and can often work on a number of projects at the same time. 

Advisors are more senior and are there to hold discussions and to guide an executive team but not to implement the outcomes. They generally work for a client for only a few days per month.

Interim Consultancy Fee Structure

Our fee for recruiting for interim consultancy assignments is earned as a percentage margin of our charge rate. We will quote an all-in day rate which includes both our candidate’s rate and our agency fee.