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Need Help Writing Your CV?


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For professionals working within the social care sector, writing or updating a CV can be a real challenge.

If you've only worked in permanent roles you may never have needed to write a CV, as most local authorities and charities prefer applicants to complete job-related application forms.

Having a very old or incomplete CV can leave you feeling frustrated and unsure how to get started. It can even prove challenging for experienced interim consultants, senior managers or directors, as they can often find it difficult to decide what information to include or exclude due to the number of achievements and level of experience they have accumulated over the years. 

Studies have shown that on average a potential employer could only spend between 20–30 seconds reviewing your CV. That's why it's crucial to make sure your CV stands out for the right reasons.

Our tried and tested CV format enables you to showcase your CV in the best possible light. Having supported numerous candidates to find new positions over the last few years we have fine-tuned our approach and understand exactly what clients want to see.

Your CV is your one chance to create the right first impression, so careful thought and planning are needed to make it perfect!

If you'd like some general advice in relation to improving your CV please get in touch with our recruitment team. They'll be happy to discuss any issues you have with your CV and can send you one of our CV templates, which have been specifically designed to suit the level and type of work you regularly carry out.

We have over 1500 CVs on file from all areas of social care and have refined them over the last few years to offer a CV with a quality layout and design.