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Picklu Roychoudhury

Position: Interim Adoption Improvement Consultant Company: Coram Category: Candidates

I have had a very professional service from Hampton’s Resourcing (HR) and have been kept informed all the way through the process of securing this position. Previously over the months HR have emailed and called me with jobs that would have interested me. HR provided a polite, efficient and discrete service that focused on my pre-requisite including types of work and location, as well as anticipated salary. 

At my interview, it was very noticeable that they had a rapport with their clients. This meant that they were able to guide me, a professional candidate at a particular career stage, and marry my experiences with a particular client’s needs, and therefore eliminate any inappropriate interviews. Since I accepted, HR has consistently delivered aftercare to make sure that I was settling in well and making sure that I was getting in my timesheet on time and payment was going through.

Would you recommend Hampton’s Resourcing to a colleague? Yes 

Would you use Hampton’s Resourcing again? Yes